Archive for July, 2012|Monthly archive page – Take 2

It has been a long time since I posted; over a year. My last post was about acquiring the site, so I’ll start there.

My goal with the pico projector site was to learn about Google AdWords, Google Analytics and online advertising revenue. It was a great success, in that I did learn quite a bit. If you cause someone to click on an ad on your site and they buy something, you can earn a lot of money!

Some quick lessons: if you have a site with a Google PageRank of anything > 0, be careful. If you change the URLs, for example, you will start getting 404’s and your PageRank will drop instantly. To get it back will take a long time (months, maybe).

Another is that I finally understand the idea of selling something before you have a product. Once I found out how to analyze keywords from Google, I was able to analyze the keywords for the product I was building. It came as quite a shock, but nobody on the Internet seemed interested. If nobody is searching for your “thing”, then no matter how good your product might be, there is just no way to get the word out.

It was also nice to confirm things I already know: Google is life. Bing? The others? Rounding errors. I’m not talking about quality or my options or anything, just the number of hits you get and where they come from. If you do something to make Google unhappy, you might as well not exist.

So, I did that for a while, learned a lot, but ultimately it isn’t something I could continue. I tried to sell the site and got some nice offers, but it’s complicated to transfer a site and I just didn’t have the time. In the end, I just dropped the domain name(s) and hosting accounts. I noticed someone else already has a site there, which is not surprising at all.

I had been working on my startup for a long time, but finally decided to get a “real” job. It was as a manager of the group that does builds and other technical services for an Engineering team. The company, Plastic Logic, was pretty cool and I met a lot of fantastic people. Unfortunately, the company decided to license the technology it had instead of making products, so they closed down all operations in the US.

I had so many projects going that it is hard to stop working on them–and I haven’t! I’ll go into more detail later, if I can start to post on a more regular basis.