I’ve been using oDesk quite a bit recently and am having great luck. I’ve hired a few people and am able to get them productive right away. And, if I can’t, I can simply end the contract.

Having the ability to limit hours makes the decision much less of a risk. And, having oDesk handle all the billing, etc. is great.

Being able to look at screenshots from people doing work for you is a little creepy. But, still interesting! And, I guess the people working are fully aware of this and can even label the screenshots. It actually helped me a couple of times, because I can see what kind of system they are using and don’t have to waste time giving multiple instructions (Windows? Linux? Mac?).

The tests seem to be a pretty good indicator. From what I’ve heard/read, they are tough. And, my experience has tracked pretty well against how well they do on the tests. Obviously, this wouldn’t be too hard to cheat on, and so will never be iron-clad. But, it’s nice to have *something* to go on.

The web interface is not great. It looks nice, but there are some usability challenges. The separation of buyers and providers needs to be greater, I think. Also, it takes way too many screens for me to figure out what everyone is doing. Maybe this would improve if I was doing multiple projects at once or had more people; I can’t tell yet.

Did oDesk pay me to write this? Do they give me a discount? No. If they did, would I take it? Yes. I’m trying to bootstrap a startup, after all. To the FTC and everyone involved in trying to marginalize bloggers with laws to “protect” the public: (well, I probably should use words like that; they might be illegal too).


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