The BackBlaze Pod

I love doing “fantasy” configurations for computers. Sometimes for home, but usually for work. High-perforanc servers, HPC systems, storage solutions; you name it.

So, it was really fun to read about the BackBlaze Pod. They went all out: a custom case, super-high-density and super-low cost.

They paid really, really close attention to detail:

  • The boot drive is a $38 80GB Parallel ATA drive. Where do you even find a drive this small?
  • Dual-Core CPU. With Quad core so cheap, it is so hard not just spend the extra few dollars and double your processing power.
  • Hard drives hanging off of an SATA card connected to PCI, not PCIe (they have those, too).
  • Consumer-grade power supplies, motherboard and hard drives.

Here is a collection of articles, starting with the orignal blog post:

BackBlaze Pod

Hacker News discussion of the original BackBlaze article

Sun Engineer Comments

Hacker News discussion of the Sun Engineer’s comments
StorageMojo’s take – with comments from BackBlaze

It’s hard to focus on work when I could be building one of my own!


1 comment so far

  1. Robert on

    Just to tell you all I am building one. Making few improvements on the way, but keeping the principles in tact.

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