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I’ve been using mod_perl for quite some time, but never to its full potential. It is difficult for me to dig through all the Apache 1.3, CGI and mod_perl 1.0 crap to learn what mod_perl 2.0 actually does.

Well, it was worth it! I knew things would be faster, but wow! It is so much faster. I can now do a curl-based web request faster than I can run a simple local Perl script.

There were a few bumps and I still have a few things to transition. I’ve always been very careful with global variables and other typical gotchas and, fortunately, that work seems to have paid off.

One of the biggest issues I had was that the “postdata” would disappear. I did some investigation and found that this only happened with a POST request. If I did the same, exact request using PUT, the “postdata” came through just fine.

I found posts referencing this probably back to 2003, but unfortunately, none of the solutions worked for me.

It turned out that I have a line that says:
$my_params = Vars($query_string);

After that, the postdata is gone!

So, all I had to do was capture the postdata first. I probably shouldn’t be using Vars anyway now, but I’m only solving one issue at a time!