My Javascript Package Manager (again)

I just finished re-writing the “loader” piece of my package manager. It turns out that I was using a function instead of an instance of a function. So, when I thought everything was working and tried loading three packages all at once: ka-blam! They stomped all over each other (as should have been expected, in retrospect).

So, I created an “instance creator” routine. This way, I can take one of my functions and send it as a variable to the instance creator and get back an instance of the same function. Since I’m sure I’ll have this problem frequently. And, since I hate writing routines that are real objects to begin with (not sure why; maybe I’ll get over it some day), I now have a generic solution.

My “loader” can now, from the input of a package name and a function (e.g. init or open), download all specified files except those already loaded, make the necessary queries except those that the data is already loaded for, then render the template once everything else is in place.

I’m hoping to share some code as soon as it is reasonable.


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