Package Manager File Loader

The package system I originally came up with is getting more complex by the day. First, I wanted to make sure I could load files.

YAHOO.util.Get solved that easily.

Then I wanted to be able to minify and compress them.

YUI Compressor took care of that.

Finally, I wanted to be able to combine them into single files. Again, not really hard at all. In fact, I just wrote a script that essentially does “cat file1 file2 file3 > combofile”.

So, now I have the possibility of:




(I had /js/corefiles-min-combo.js for a while too, but then realized if I wanted it minified, I just needed to make the combo definition include minified files to begin with). See, sometimes things get more simple!

Next, I need to make sure that I only download a file once. So, when I want to dynamically load a new file, I need to make sure I don’t have the plain version, a minified version or either one of those as part of a combo file.

I’m only part of the way through this code. No YAHOO.package.manager to save me this time (if I missed it somehow, please let me know!).

So far, I can list all loaded files. I can then strip the “-min” off (since, from the program’s point-of-view, it doesn’t matter if the file is min’ed or not). I can also take a -combo file, check the package definitions for what is in that combo file,  then add those files (again, removing the -min) to the list.

Now, I have a “master” list of all loaded files, which I can check before trying to load a file.

Next up is to determine if it is faster to add files to this array as I load them or to simply rebuild the entire list every time I load a new package. It seems safer to just rebuild, but sloppy. Keeping track means things could sneak in if a file gets loaded and doesn’t “register” itself with the list tracker.

We’ll have to wait and see what I come up with.


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