“Dime a Dozen”

I’m searching for a co-founder. It’s not easy. I’ve been attending group meetings and events for months where the kind of person I’m looking for might attend, but haven’t had any luck (yet).

My latest idea was to simply post an ad. I’ve had great success selling, giving away and buying things on Craigslist, so it seemed like a natural choice.

I think of Craigslist as free, but quickly remembered that they do charge for some things and job postings in the San Francisco Bay Area are one of them. I didn’t really want to spend $75, so I choose the Gigs/Computers area instead of Jobs. So far, so good.

I then wrote what I thought was a very clear and simple add. I clicked “No Pay” at the bottom (no bait and switch here!). After I posted, I quickly received a response for a company who was selling the services that I menteioned in my ad. So far, so good. And, fast!

Then– wham! Flagged.

Flagged?! Why?

I re-read the Terms of Service and was sure I was fine. So, I posted my query to the discussion board suggested in the message and found out right away what the issue was: people want to get paid. And, even though my ad was not against the Terms of Service, they hate “no pay” ads.

  • A dime a dozen.
  • Everyone wants a free geek (hey! I’m the geek here!).
  • People just want to pay their rent.
  • No Pay – No Stay.

Here’s the actual ad, in case YOU are interested.

I’m building a web tool for software test design (QA, basically) and need someone who can make it look good. I have ideas in terms of the functionality and some vague ideas about how it will look, but have zero ability to actually make it gel in terms of design.

Since I have the technical skills,  I’m not looking for a framework or a turnkey site. I’m specifically looking for someone who can create a look and feel, including colors, typography, graphics, etc. and then put it all together using CSS, HTML, graphics and fonts. I’ve started  using Yahoo’s YUI, so experience or a desire to learn how it works is necessary. Knowledge and expertise in user experience would also be great.

My goal is to get this tool working to the point where I can give a demonstration,  then start looking for funding. In the meantime, I’m out of a job and working on this full-time.

So, are you interested in being a co-founder? Having some kind of deferred compensation? Out of work and bored and want something to add to your portfolio? I’m open to pretty much anything, so if you are the person that I’ve described above, let’s talk!


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