Everything is working today, although I would not consider this script done. It will minify and compress all of my JavaScript and CSS files, compile the Jemplates and then build concatenated versions of any files I specify. It is smart enough to know that files that end in -min or -combo are “object” files and not to delete them.

I’ve also move the configuration for the package (“combo”) management system into a separate file that both the build script and the core JavaScript file pull from.

The issues I have now: how to deal with duplicate copies of the same code if it is in regular, -min or -combo. I have a list of all the files in the combo files, but there is still a chance to duplicate one if it is the “debug” version and the other is not.

Also, I haven’t coded the part the knows to skip files that are already loaded as part of a combo. I’m using YAHOO’s Get feature to download files (and it is smart enough to know if a file has already been downloaded), but I’m having to duplicate some of this functionality myself, which is not a good thing.

This is taking much longer than I want. But, seeing a single file that contains all of my current JavaScript & templates load which is smaller than just ONE of the files I had before does show that this is really going to make my site much faster.

Next up, image sprites.


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