Build script

I’m deep in the middle of writing my build script. I looked at many of the standard tools like GNU’s make, Boost.Jam, etc., but settled on simply writing my own script.

As usual, it started out easy. But, got tough quickly. Not so much in terms of the code, but making decisions where I want all of these files, how flexible I want the system to be and decisions like that.

So far, I have a working build script that can do what I want except for the combo files. It will:

  • compress/minify (with YUICompressor)
  • remove YAHOO.log statements (I’m surprised this isn’t automatic)
  • compile (Jemplate)
  • copy to a new directory (if desired)
  • add -min to the name
  • add a new extension (if desired)
  • keep a SHA1 digest on the source files
  • “rebuild” only when something changes
  • show all “object” files it knows about
  • show all “source” files it knows about
  • clean (i.e. delete all the object files)
  • work on JS, CSS and Template Toolkit files

I’m afraid adding the combo option is going to be about as hard as what I’ve done so far. But, we’ll see. I might even post the code if anyone is interested.


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