Apple TV Experienced as Intended

I signed up for one of the Comcast low-cost-for-six-month deals, giving me a significantly faster Internet connection. I haven’t actually *switched* yet, as Comcast offers only about 1/10 the value as my current ISP, But…the speed is nice.

So, I thought I was see what it was like to use the Apple TV in a normal situation (for my family): we’re interested in watching a movie and don’t have one everyone can agree on in-hand. Since I was excited to try this out, I strongly suggested with give the Apple TV a try. My kids scrolled through the selection for a while and finally settled on Jimmy Neutron. We asked the kids to put on their PJ’s while daddy tried to figure out the Apple TV (to stall for time).

I went ahead and bought the movie (I could have rented, but it looked like it was the kind of movie we would watch more than once) and it said I could start watching it about 5 seconds later. Wow.

I didn’t actually start it for another 10 minutes or so and we were able to watch it without any problems. Since this was the first time I’ve purchased (or rented) anything non-HD, it transferred back to my Mac as well. Everything went as smoothly as possible.


Next experiment: HD!


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